Q90 Flying Frog – eachine

First it was the close of daylight savings!
Then it was the increase of build activity in the estate where I’d been flying!
Finally it was the realisation that alongside family time there just isn’t a spare moment to get out of the house to practice flying.

Enter the Q90 Flying Frog. I was actually hunting down an eachine E010S however banggood was out and with the re-stocking date being continually pushed out I needed to spend the money that was burning a hole in my pocket.

One day, unexpectedly I got an email flyer from Banggood with their current sale. The Q90 had been marked down from ~AU$56 so I jumped at the chance. I opted for the frsky model, even had enough coin to get 2 additional batteries. With approximately 8 minutes flying time I figured I’d need to keep these in rotation to get a decent amount of flying in.

Somehow I managed to get priority shipping on the drone but regular postage on the batteries. As you’ll see below the package contains a battery so that wasnt a real issue.
About a week or so passed and the drone arrived in the mail! Woo Hoo.


My intention with this purchase was to fly the drone around the house. I knew its dimensions however I chose to sub-consciously ignore the reality being that this was going to be way too big and way too fast to fly in doors. However I went on.

For something so small it is really well made. Good quality plastic and well positioned electronic components. I did what all closet Unboxing fans do, took my own shots in anticipation that I too would one day be talking about my purchases to the world. Ta Daaaaa! Here they are:

The package includes:
1 x Q90 Frame kit
4 x 8520 2S Coreless Motor
1 x F3 Flight controller
1 x Receiver
1 x 5.8G 200mw VTX
1 x 1000TVL Camera
8 x 55mm Propeller
1 x 7.4V 350mah Battery
1 x White body shell
1 x USB Charging cable
4 x Paddle protection sleeve

It doesn’t list the propeller removal tool. I can’t tell you how useful this device is. The props are so small it is excruciating to remove these using your fingers.

At this point I was pretty chuffed about my purchase. I then got out my radio, started to go through the binding process only to realise that an assumption I’d made was about to bite me in the a$$.

Stay tuned!


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