The E010S has arrived!

After a month of no tracking activity on the AliExpress app and a nervous email to eachine the E010S has arrived.

Got the Taranis XD9+ out of the case, plugged in the battery on the drone and tried to bind….Nothing.

Went looking for a youTube video and found the following sequence was required:
1. Create a new model on the Taranis
2. Accept all defaults for channels
3. Put the model into D8 mode and select BIND
4. Depress the button on the drone which is directly under the camera lense and plug the battery in
5. Once the light goes green the bind is complete. Let go of teh button on the drone
6. Power cycle the Taranis at which point it will connect

Once connected there was no clear way to Activate the drone. Decided I needed to connect it to BetaFlight to see what the Receiver configuration was doing. Upon connection I got the following message:
“Warning: The firmware on this device needs upgrading to a newer version. Use CLI for backup before flashing. CLI backup/restore procedure is in the documentation. Alternatively download and use an older version of the configurator if you are not ready to upgrade”


To remedy this problem I found a reddit post which had a link in the comments:

Comments in the Reddit post led to a youTube clip from Painless360 on
1. How to identify the version of software installed on the drone

This then led to another video, also from Painless360 on:
2. How to locate an older version of CleanFlight configurator and install to Chrome

Once this older version of software is installed it should connect with no further issues. Then I returned to the original youTube clip to identify why the input from Taranis was not being received. Follow the remaining portions of this video and you will rectify the inputs as well as specify an ARM switch which makes it super simply to get the quad up and running.

Also, if this if your first drone or a new computer don’t forget to install the necessary USB drivers to allow CleanFlight/Betaflight to communicate with the FC.

I eventually got the E010S in the air and its everything I thought it would be…and more! I have yet to get the goggles sorted but even just flying it around the bedroom was incredible. It’s soooo small and the power it outputs is prefect for indoor flights.


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